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What makes us different is what makes us the best. We are on a mission to help companies realize their true potential, and this is only possible if you are able to employ the right kind of people.
Authenticity is priceless

In a world where identity manipulation has become a commonplace occurrence, it’s hard to be certain about a candidate’s claims. Due to false claims, companies have been very badly affected both in terms of their growth and Corporate Governance.

At Bactrak, we certainly believe we cannot put a price tag to the loss you might have in such instances. Authenticity hence, is not expensive but truly priceless. Don’t you agree?

We are the only one stop complete screening organization enabled fully by technology. Understanding country-specific requirements, legal compliances and security processes are time-consuming yet, a very crucial part of what we do. Our services are delivered on a reduced cycle time at the mere touch of a button. Does this affect accuracy of information provided? Absolutely not.

Remember, you have control of what comes in, and the rest will follow.

Digital comes a full circle

We offer 360° digital screening services for companies. Numerous organizations have already benefited greatly from our bespoke digital solutions. Our technology led solution enables seamless integration of background screening, personal profiling and ultimate on-boarding experience both in terms of TAT as well as ease of journey. The moments of truth are captured at each of the Work Packet before screening, during screening, after screening and before, during and after on boarding. It’s not just an experience but sheer Joy. The customized offering makes all the difference especially the Employer and Employee login thru mobile and different simple user interfaces makes it easier and handy.

Our Bag of 7 Tricks

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