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Our Noble Purpose is to provide authentic and risk free Employee’s to our Customers. In alignment towards this noble purpose, our work environment, our culture, practices and learning has been designed to ensure that our customer’s interests are given Top priority.

We work collaboratively and collectively to ensure that each report to the Customer is so personalized and detail oriented.

We are an equal employment opportunity employer and critical thinking and learning are given utmost importance in our working culture. Agility, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Story telling is encouraged amongst our own employees. Internally our employees treat every other employee with utmost respect, humility and care and this is what you will expect from our employees when they deal externally with our Customers.

Apart from the salary package, our employees are given Social Security benefits, Medical Insurance, Retirement Benefits, and Profit Sharing Plan.

We encourage an unconditioned mind, we encourage people to die to their thoughts so that there is new thinking, we want togetherness, conversations and connections, we encourage ‘what is’ mind-set so that there is always learning and being in the moment.

Come; join us, we work as one team with equal respect to every single employee. You will see no difference between Home and Office. Your Office is home and your Home is Office. You will see the Joy.

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  1. Business Development Manager
  2. Customer Happiness Executive

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