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Vinodh Chelambathodi

Founder & CEO

Vinodh is a Human Resource professional with more than 26 years of experience in Godrej, Flextronics, HCL, Capgemini and Intellect. As a highly assertive leader, he has lead change management and impacted business productivity largely through his initiatives in the organizations he has been associated with.

He has worn multiple hats both within the domain of HR and as a business leader, running a business unit with revenue of 90 million USD per annum for a brief period of time. The key role he played in mergers & de-mergers, and acquisitions in his earlier organizations has made him an instrumental leader.

Vinodh’s deep interest in the areas of ‘Critical and Design Thinking’ and strong belief in influencing the thinking process in the minds of the people has made him evangelize the same among the professional fraternity. ‘Client-centric organizational diagnosis’ is what originated from years of practicing design thinking. He has also shared his insights on the topic in many domestic and international forums, and media articles.

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