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If you ask an individual today for his / her curriculum vitae, they will lead you to their social media profiles. Even then, social media has been the Wild West for the HR fraternity for a long time now. In addition to “Googling” potential candidates, you also need to tap on to the power of social platforms and have a logical approach towards covering the deep web of sites and blogs extending far beyond Facebook and Twitter. Eyes are the windows to the soul, but social networks are the eyes to your decision making process.

Social Intelligence encompasses gathering of data from social media platforms to generate valuable insights that can help with key employee hire decisions. Analysis of personality, mood, needs and wants, and values of prospective hires give a bird’s eye view of their emotional quotient. Sounds complicated? Honestly, it is not.

Our cloud-based software utilizes a person's publicly available information to help you hire the right kind of people with zero manual efforts! With extensive research in sociolinguistics, psychology and behavioral science, we combine artificial intelligence, machine learning and human-based quality assurance which automatically highlight red flags.

Personality Analysis

Personality of an individual is analysed using behavior predictions which include analyzing teamwork skills, the need for autonomy, attitude towards life, both personal and professional, outlook on different situations, learning ability and how action-oriented the individual is.

Emotional Quotient

More than intelligence quotient (IQ), emotional quotient (EQ) has taken precedence in hiring decisions. It is true what they say – you can learn to work with a person with low IQ but a person with a low EQ causes unwarranted conflicts in teams. Using an individual’s OCEAN Profile, DISC Assessment, mood graph and interests, we understand their EQ and give you a fair idea if that person would fit the role in your organization.

Employee Hire Decisions

Both of the above analyses along with social screening and general profile screening will help you make a well-informed decision to hire or not. Social screening encompasses screening for substance abuse, religious fanaticism, sexual harassment, racist actions and general misbehavior while a general profile screening gives you an idea of their social presence, social influence, social network and work history.

How exactly does this work?

  • Collection of public footprint from 30+ social networking platforms
  • Tying all data to a single user using email ID, phone number or a social handle
  • Analysis of demographics, psychometrics, preferences, social behavior and content affinity based on what they post on social media
  • Gathering derived insights of this analysis and measuring real-time shifts in their characteristics
  • Predicting future patterns
Accuracy between 80-100% for every attribute!
- Here’s what the result looks like -

Sentiment and Mood Analysis

Personality Traits

Interest Graphs

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