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What’s the challenge?
Hiring the right set of people.

And “the easiest way”?
The last time we checked, Digital is the way to go… but hold on. Our way of approaching digital is different. It is from a 360° angle.

In other words, we are the only completely digital screening and assessment company, assuring employers risk-free employees.

What comes in is what gets out

Backed by 40 years of combined experience in people function, we, the promoters have worked in multi-national and multi-geo organizations. That many years are not all for nothing. 40 years helped us discover the blind spot on why some of the organizations are not as successful as they should be. The Eureka moment for us was when we realized that what comes in is what gets out. You’d agree with us when we say that it is the people of any organization that bring in value and ultimately success. That’s the reason why the biggest fish to fry at this hour is hiring the right set of people – People who believe in the vision and mission of the organization, people who align with the values and philosophy of an organization, and people who constantly challenge the organization to achieve greater results.


The elephant in the room

The world is witnessing a massive revolution at an unimaginable pace in every industry we come across. How can talent be left out in this revolution? Talent Acquisition is undergoing a transition driven by profound changes in the workforce and transformative digital technologies. This means businesses increasingly need access to the right talent that can harness new technology, drive innovation and empower this change.

Rise in background discrepancies of candidates today than 5 years ago
Discrepancies in the education background of candidates in the Asia-Pacific region
Discrepancies in employment background of candidates
Of the employers in the Asia Pacific region now conducting more than 6 checks and above
More likely to uncover a discrepancy as compared to those who conduct only two or five checks

See what sets us apart
Back to the beginning

Thanks to the awareness on background screening, companies are realizing the importance of candidate due diligence and the role it plays in mitigating the risks and fraud in a company.

With that in mind, we founded Bactrak to assure employers risk-free employees. We don’t just stop with traditional background checks. We go a step ahead and do a 360° mapping of every work packet involved from start to end; from when the offer has been made till the candidate joins. Say goodbye to paperwork and embrace the complete-digital approach.

Remember, you have control of what comes in, and the rest will follow.

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